Fix SLICE and start playing DRAW using this revolutionary tool recommended by PRO golfers

Order PLANE SET and immediately play more PRECISELY, IMPROVE handicap and STRAIGHTEN your shots!

The PLANE SET is a training aid designed to instantly provide you with both visual and physical feedback. PLANE SET provides a reference for consistent swing plane that is necessary for both consistent swing performance and intended shot shape.

The PLANE SET includes a heavy base and one flexible stick.





  1.  Always the same angle for your swing plane using the graduated marks.

  2.   Easy to use clamping knob to quickly adjust the plane angle for any club.

  3.   Can be used in the grass or on a driving range mat.

  4.  The stick is flexible - no risk of injury.

  5.  The base is heavy and stable enough.



1. Adjust the angle of the stick so it matches your shaft angle when you are in your address position as shown bellow.setup 1

2. Set a ball down, then take the club you will be hitting and place it between the ball and PLANE SET as shown  in picture bellow.setup 2

3. The PLANE SET should be one club length from the ball. Club placement detail to the PLANE SET is evident in picture bellow.setup 3



1. Correct club path (swing plane)

Sample exercise: If you struggle with the common over-the-top swing move which produces a slice, practice the following drill and turn your shots into powerful draws.

The Goal is to swing above the stick during up-swing and bellow the stick during down-swing. This will ingrain an in-to-out swing path and draw ball flight (as figured above). Have fun and keep working hard to develop a perfect, repeating swing.

Note: In order to produce a draw ball flight, you have to swing from in-to-out, and also club face has to be in a correct position during impact, that is closed to the swing path and open to target. e.g. as shown in the picture: path is 5° in-to-out, club face is 2° open to the target and also 3° closed to the swing path. The greater the differences between the swing path and angle of the club face during impact, the bigger the curvature on the ball and vice versa.


2. Correct Angle of attack

When playing with iron, it’s our intension to hit the ball while club head is moving down to the ball (negative attack angle). But opposite is true when playing with driver. In fact, hitting up with a driver is beneficial for maximizing distance.

Place the PLANE SET as shown in the picture. Swing underneath the stick, miss the stick and hit up on the ball (picture left). If you hit too much down you will hit the stick (picture right).

  angle of attack

3. Too much hip slide

PLANE SET can be used as a barrier if you have a problem with too much hip slide/sway in the downswing. Excessive hip slide can cause problems with consistent ball striking.

Set the PLANE SET as shown in the picture and you will feel the touch of the stick when you slide the hips too much instead of rotation.



4. Early extension

Early extension is defined as forward movement (thrust) of the lower body towards the golf ball during the downswing. This swing characteristic causes the arms and club to get stuck behind the body during the downswing, and forces torso to raise up and elevate through the hitting zone.

Try the following drill. Setup a stick on your lead side around three inches away from the hands. Take a shorter backswing and work the hands left through the ball trying to avoid touching the stick and thus prevent the early extension.


Using the PLANE SET

Flexible stick

The stick is flexible with a rubber ball at the end - no risk of injury. If you hit the stick it bends or PLANE SET falls down. You don't have to worry about getting hurt or demaging your golf club.

Using conventional sticks

The PLANE SET includes flexible stick which we recomend for training. However, the holder has two holes and thus allows the use of a conventional alignment sticks with 8 mm diameter.


Adrian Hubert
Head Golf PRO British PGA

PLANE SET is a very important tool for me when working with clients to understand how to swing plane and plane through impact work. I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve in golf.

Maria Balcazar
PRO golf player, Florida USA

I love this product. I think it is amazing you can use it indoor and outdoors. For me as a professional player, the PLANE SET is an necessary aid during my training.

Michal Pospisil
PRO golf player, Czech Republic

Learns to swing from in-side, which is necessary for the most wanted type of shot - draw. Very high quality and durable construction with a flexible rod. I recommend before othter similar products in the market.


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